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Welcome to Mystics of the World, your resource for books by teachers of spiritual principles. You have been led here by consciousness, and we invite you to browse our collection of books.

Our mission is to provide resources for assisting you on your personal spiritual journey and to aid you in answering the call of your soul for the infinite awareness of your true being. These books stress the absolute allness of God, and every book is a map to accompany you on your inner journey to reality. Each is for those who have "eyes to see and ears to hear."

It is our pleasure to offer you books currently in print by Joel Goldsmith, Alfred Aiken and many others, as well as affordable comb-bound copies of unique, hard to find, out of print books by teachers of truth including Walter Lanyon and Lillian DeWaters. Each of these teachers has an understanding of infinite awareness, mystical consciousness, and has given us the valuable resource of their own words.

In a few cases, some of these books have light underlining. This has been considered a minor matter in view of the difficulty encountered should you try to find these books elsewhere. Books with underlining are noted.

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